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In Oneness - YOU COME FIRST!

  Wow! What a week of shit (again) . With the events that unfolded earlier this week, how could I not address it from a Oneness perspective? It seems, unfortunately, there is never a shortage of headlines in todays society for me to use to my advantage when discussing Oneness. I mean, I wrote my latest book in the months of March through August of 2020 (hmmm. What was going on in the world then?) . Yeah, it pains me to say that recently I have never been on the lookout for global events and reactions that play right into my wheelhouse. So, what do I mean when I say 'In Oneness - YOU COME FIRST!' ? Well, I really wanted to use the title 'In Oneness, it's imperative to think selfishly' , but there's too much of a negative connotation with the word 'selfish'. So, I got around that by saying 'you come first'. That sounds much better doesn't it? Plus, Oneness doesn't advocate for the blatant disregard of others. But it's important for all

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