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We PRAY to Reconnect (not for favors)

  Hello my friends in Oneness, With the release of my new book (see below) , I haven't blogged in a while and wanted to get involved with a topic that I touched upon with a recent post on social media. It's regarding how we PRAY . Specifically, whom we believe we are praying to, and why. This past Thursday, I was in the hospital. As a side effect of the immunotherapy I've recently been taking, I've had a bad case of double vision and migraines for over a month. Although a CT scan of my head was clear, my team wanted to see an MRI of my brain, which was taken and they kept me overnight as I wouldn't hear the results until the next day. So, as I tried to sleep, I ran through a litany of 'what if's'. But due to my humanness, it was difficult for me to deal with this from a Oneness perspective until I heard the results. I was scared and nervous, to say the least. I proceeded to do what we all do at times like this. I prayed to God (and my Mom) for help to th

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