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Why Do We Judge?

  Hello, my friends in Oneness, I want to break away from the health-related blogs I've been posting and return to my mission of sharing Oneness. For this specific blog, I want to once again share insight on a topic we all fall prey to. A topic that, because of our ego, is so very much a part of our everyday lives. And that topic is: Judgment. I love the quote that I placed on the image you see here because of the truth that it represents: "When you judge, you are viewing the world as you'd like to see it, rather than as it is" This helps to explain why judgment in any form is just a response to what our ego wants us to believe. We know that it's the sole function of the ego to instill the falsehood of separation. To make us think that we are separate from one another and separate from our source/God. The ego uses judgment as a tool in this fashion. This is what we are doing when we judge. We are looking at the world as we'd like to see it, rather than as

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