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"What Oneness Means to Me"

  Hello, my friends, I wanted to post a quick blog highlighting my most recent song and music video, 'What Oneness Means to Me' . You see, I wanna share with you what Oneness means to me. A way of life that comes, so naturally. It means to know that we are one. Exclusions, there are none. All of us and everything. And every bird to ever sing! Imagine peaceful times where no one lives in fear. Find your dream, and shout it out, for all to hear! Although we come from one, we're not the same. That's beauty, can't you see? I wanna share with you what Oneness means to me. So, if you haven't gathered by now, those are the lyrics. It's short and sweet and directly to the point. Music has a way of helping to get a message across, and it is my hope that this song, and video, does just that. We still have so much to be concerned about in today's world. Life, it seems is just so very challenging right now for an abundance of reasons. The only way to make any sense

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